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Images of Hurricane Sandy Devastation


Water Under the Bridge – Hurricane Sandy


Water Under the Bridge – Hurricane Sandy


Damage Caused by Hurricane Sandy


Breezy Point Hurricane Sandy Devastation



The Worst Financially Devastating Storm – in US Recorded History

The Worst Financially Devastating Storm – in US Recorded History

May we never see another storm like this


Questions in Rodney King’s Death – Friends Dont Believe Account

Cynthia Kelley and Rodney King April 2012

Cynthia Kelley and Rodney King April 2012, Month’s before death

An investigation has been opened in the death of Rodney King, 47, who was found dead at the bottom of his pool Sunday (June 17) morning. Apparently everyone does not believe his fiancee, Cynthia Kelley’s account of events.

Kelley’s account was that Rodney –who has a known history of alcohol abuse – had been drinking and smoking weed all Sunday. Kelley says she went to sleep around 2am and was awaken around 5am when she heard Rodney banging on the glass window. She asked what’s wrong and then heard a big splash, at which point she grabs her phone and rushes outside to find King at the bottom of the pool. That’s when she says she placed a 911 call to police.

Although preliminary investigation into the death of King shows no foul play – everyone is not buying Kelley’s story. First two of Kelley’s “friends” went to the police to report that Kelley’s story changes a little bit after each telling. Next is the neighbor Sandra Gardea, who told the L.A. Times that she heard someone crying in King’s backyard between 3-3:30 a.m. on Sunday morning – at least two hours before Kelley placed a 911 call to police.

Kelley met King as she served as a juror in the civil trial against the L.A.P.D. The courts had awarded 3.8 million dollars in damages. King told National Public Radio last year that he had used most of his money on civil cases, himself and his family. It is estimated that King was worth around $250 thousand as of his death.

Autopsy results have not been published.

US-Goes Sixth-Sense: We All See Dead People: First Tupac, Next Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morrison, Rock God and Immortal, reborn 2012

Jim Morrison, died 1967 drug overdose, expected Hologram rebirth 2012

Don’t know what’s in the water lately but the US seems to be oddly attacked to the living dead lately;

Whether it’s movies or tv-series about vampires and werewolves, real-life stories about face-eating Zoombies or rappers dead for 15-years suddenly performing live at concerts – we are all seeing a lot of dead people lately.

So first it was Tupac that made his after-rebirth appearance at this years Coachella. But now- their is a whole legion of dead superstars awaiting resurrection.

New Rock God Immortals:

Here’s the short list with their expected Hologram rebirth dates:

Currently the rumors directly from the company responsible for Hologram Tupac is that the iconic Jim Morrison – lead singer of The Doors-  will be the next rock god reborn – late 2012.

Tupac - from Rap Icon to Immortal Rock God

Tupac – Died 1996 in hail of bullets, Resurrected 2012, Coachella

Tupac – One of the Greatest “Undead” Rap Icons

Died 1996 after drive-by shooting. Hologram Rebirth, 2012 Coachella.

Life Facts: Sold more CD’s dead than 99.99999% of all living rappers.

What you won’t see from Hologram Tupac … a duet with Hologram Biggie.

Next for Hologram Tupac – “Live”/Undead concert tour dates not yet announced.

Michael Jackson - died 2009, drug overdose, Hologram Rebirth 2013

Michael Jackson – died 2009, drug overdose, Hologram Rebirth 2013

Michael Jackson – King of Pop – Greatest Entertainer ever

Died 2009. Dr administered drug overdose, Hologram Rebirth, 2013

Life Facts: King of Pop? Try King of Music – He has the #1 (Thriller) and #3(Bad) Top Selling Albums of ALL TIME.

What you won’t see from Hologram Michael – A performance of Thriller with even more undead people – that’s just too weird.

Next for Hologram Michael – that freakin’ Unity Tour with his brothers that they’ve been promising for 20+ years!


Jimi-Hendrix died 1970, drug related asphyxiation, expected rebirth date 2012

Jimi Hendrix – Original Rock Guitar God

Died 1970, choked on vomit while unconscious from drugs/and or alcohol, Hologram Rebirth, 2013

Life Facts: Named the #1 Guitarist of All Time by Rolling Stones, Inducted in both US and UK Rock Hall of Fame.

What you won’t see from Hologram Hendrix – his famous fire-guitar dance – the thin screens used to create holograms are very flammable.

Concert dates yet to be determined.


Marilyn Monroe, died 1962, drug overdose expected rebirth 2013

Marilyn Monroe, died 1962, drug overdose expected rebirth 2013

Marylyn Monroe – Sex Symbol, Actress- Only woman on the List.

Died 1962, drug overdose in possible suicide (although murder was suspected) – expected rebirth 2013

Life Facts: Rocked out with a president and his brother.

What you won’t see from Hologram Monroe – Her singing Happy Birthday Mr President to Obama or Hologram Monroe will be murdered again – this time by the First Lady.

Be on the look-out for more of the New Immortals.

Rapper Lil Phat Killed in Atlanta Shooting

Lil Phat.. Another one gone.

Lil Phat.. Another one gone.

The up-and-coming 19 year-old rapper Lil Phat was shot several times near the entrance of the Northside Hospital Women’s Center and was pronounced dead later that night.

Melvin Vernell III, Rapper Lil Phat was a member of Trill Entertainment whose roster includes Lil Boosie and Webbie, Rapper Lil Phat confirmed dead

Police Capt. Steve Rose confirmed Lil Phat, was shot several times on the parking deck near the entrance of Northside Hospital Women’s Center and was pronounced dead later that night.

Authorities are searching for two men who were spotted fleeing the scene following the shooting. Eyewitnesses have given detailed descriptions of the suspects to police.

From Festival to Fiasco – Nicki Minaj’s refusal to perform at Summer Jam gets thumbs down from fans.

Bow Down to the Queen I said!

Nicki Minaj’s refusal to perform at Summerjam is leaving a sour taste for lots of fans.

Nicki Minaj has had a very interesting week – first she was trending as the “Queen Of Hip Hop” on Twitter around the same time as National Joke Day  (on purpose? maybe) while others were posting “Queen of cRap” (definitely on purpose) it is her on-going fights with several of the New York DJ’s after cancelling her Summer Jam performance that’s causing a lot of back-lash and bad press.

The whole fiasco started on Sunday when Rosenberg – a very popular NYC DJ on Hot 97 which was hosting the Summer Jam event – called Nicki’s Starship not real hip hop while he was on a small stage in the parking lot some feet away from the main stage.  Rosenberg has previously  called “Starships” as “the most sellout song in hip-hop history.

It is the NYC/NJ area – the birthplace of Hip Hop- and thus if one of the most popular Hip-Hop traditionalist DJ’s is calling your work sub-par –that is a pretty bad; however the next steps are very unexplainable drama-queen.  Upon hearing of the pretty mild diss, Lil Wayne – owner of Young Money – pulled Nicki and all of his other acts out of the show.  And although many classic-hip hop lovers would agree that That song is particularly suckish and hip-hop-free; everyone would agree that Rosenberg’s timing wasn’t the best. Additionally many of  the fans are not happy with Lil Wayne’s over-the-top-diva reaction nor are they happy that Nikki seemingly went running for cover behind Lil Wayne.  After all although ill-timed, Rosenberg was expressing his own opinion of the song and not a personal attack about her.

Since cancellation, Nicki has then gotten into it with DJ Flex Master, and DJ Angie Martinez has added her reasonable assessment of the situation which boiled down to Lil Wayne’s stocking-pants must be too-tight and he needs to let Nicki fight her own fights.

Although many felt that Rosenberg should have shut his trap a far many more feel that – if Nicki Minaj was truly the Queen of Hip Hop – which title droves of thousands of Hip-Hop heads (especially on the East Coast) feel belongs to another legendary BK Rapper – she would have gotten on stage and given Rosenberg the lip-lashing of his life and proven why she deserves to wear the crown– battle-rap style.  Really – can you image if he would have said something like that about Queen Bee or her music before she took the stage? We would still be picking up pieces of him.  Nicki from the newer, softer hip hop generation – of course thinks that Rosenberg is just picking on her because she’s a female MC and not because her latest work might be making Biggie and Tupac happy they are dead.

The bottom line is, regardless of what you think of her song- Rosenberg should have bashed the song AFTER she performed. After all, Hot 97 did invite her, and pay her to be the headliner – you don’t invite a guess and then have a host tell them that they suck – even if lots of the other guess feel they do.

What’s your thought on the matter?

Another Bed-Banger by Brian McKnight, Another Controversy

I'm too sexy for my church.. to sexy for my church.. so sexy it hurts

Morals – Money? whats the difference – well one pays the bills the other is useless!

Former squeaky clean R&B singer Brian McKnight has written another explicit sex-song this time for a porn site – YouPorn.com. His decision to do so has sparked another conversation between McKnight, his fans and critiques on Twitter. Igniting once again questions about his motives, his morals, the dismal state of the US music industry and the Sell-Your-Soul state of today’s urban music.

The multi-instrumentalist McKnight, who has written songs for/with Mariah CareyMary J. BligeJustin TimberlakeKirk Franklin and penned many solo top charting wedding-songs, wrote a stroke-by-stoke “instructional” sex song a couple of months ago called, artistically enough -“Pxxxy”. And another soft-porn song “If You’re Ready to Learn” — featuring such memorable lyrics from the 16 Grammy nominated songwriter as …”Let me show you how your p—y works/Since you didn’t bring it to me first.” …hmm? ..no thank you..pass.

Anyway the buzz –mostly angry- lunched thousands of WTF? headlines. As many found the lyrics more Dirty-Old-Man-Sleazy than sexy and equated it to feeling like they were listening to their middle-aged, high-school choir-director suddenly decide to turn-music-tricks – eew. Despite or because of the controversy – YouPorn approached McKnight to write another explicit bed-banger.

The McKnight’s first couple of p-nani songs he says he wrote because he was bored from being in the house after a foot injury and that is was a parody; now he is defending his latest decision saying it was a business decision.  Here’s some of the twitter-tweets most notable – and our experts have decided to dissect exactly what McKnight is getting at…

McKnight –

“as a business man I can’t ignore the opportunities that r out there especially when it’s all in fun.” [our summary – I’m broke]

“guess u thought I made music for fun and not for a living” [our analysis.. I’m broke]

“integrity won’t pay the mortgages I will ask all of u how many of u would do your job for no pay?” [our detailed translation…I’m broke]

So bottom-line readers if you don’t support good music – and by support that means actually BUY the songs the songwriters write to earn a living –  you’re going to end up with musical-p*m-p*m

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